Home remedies for acne

Home remedies for acne

Home remedies for acne scars come recommended by the hundreds, but of course some work and some don’t. We are going to explore here those that have been reputed to work.

Before we examine acne scar home treatments, it’s important to understand the value of home remedies. Home remedies, in the first place are cheap. They are sitting right there in your house, usually in your kitchen and you can use them any time you want at almost no cost. Secondly, they are mostly food or herb based and chemical free, so you can be sure that you are not ingesting any chemicals. Actually, many people who are used to home remedies will only see a doctor when they have something on their hands that’s beyond their control.

Ok, now you know why home remedies for acne scars are great. Let’s see some of them that will help you cure your acne scars:

Aloe Vera

If there is a home remedy that doesn’t get the credit that’s due to it, it’s the aloe plant. It will cure almost any skin ailment and it has been known to do so for thousands of years. The juice in the plant leaves is almost like a miracle juice for the skin. It will cure anything from burns to pimples, and acne is one of the things that it will cure without too much effort. There are two ways to do it. You can slice the leaf and apply the resulting sticky juice on your face (very bitter so don’t try to taste it) or you can peel the outer layer thinly and then blend and apply the blended mixture on your face. Let it dry and then rinse it off. Are you really serious about getting rid of the acne? Then get the very same leaves (no need to peel them) and leave them on low boil overnight. Use the resultant juice to wash affected areas. You will notice a big difference and it will only be in a matter of days. And you can use it when you’re not having an outbreak too – it’s great for renewing skin.

Neem Leaves

The neem plant is generally a well known cure for many ailments and acne is one of them. You can use it in different forms. The most common is to boil the leaves. Use the resultant juice to wash affected areas. Keep doing this for a few days and you will notice a difference. And it gets rid of scars too, so you will end up with skin that is as regular as anybody else’s. For this one too, don’t wait until you have an outbreak. Use regularly and it will keep your skin looking great.


Take some natural yoghurt and mix in some oatmeal. Keep adding oatmeal until you make a thick paste. Once it’s really thick, apply on the affected areas and let it dry. Once it’s completely dry, peel it off as you would a face mask. Then rinse off with warm water. Do it regularly and you should start to notice a change.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Few people know this as a skin remedy. Don’t worry that you’ll smell like a salad – do it a night if it bothers you so much. Dilute 1 to 10 parts with water, take a clean face towel, steep it in and then gently clean your face with it. It’s going to sting for a second – remember its vinegar, but it will pull out all that extra oil underneath your skin that’s causing acne. And it’s a great toner too. Your skin will end up healed and with a clear complexion.


It sounds off right? Well, it works, but you have to know how to work it. Take in equal parts brown sugar and white sugar. If the granules are large, grind it and make it fine. Wet your face and your palms, touch the mixture and gently rub your face. Be gentle, you don’t want to leave open wounds. After that, take honey, mix with a bit of cinnamon powder and apply the paste and let it dry. Let it stay on overnight. Rinse off with warm water in the water in the morning. Keep doing it every night – you’ll see a change before long.

These are just few of the acne scar home treatments that are available. Your kitchen almost certainly contains something that can help with your acne. Remember even dermatologists have a very hard time treating acne and acne scars so try what you can at home, and of course make sure you eat right.