Medical treatments to get rid of acne scars

Medical treatments to get rid of acne scars

Sometimes acne scars can be so bad that they need to be chemically treated. There are various options available to get rid of acne scars, and it all depends on what kind of scarring you have and of course how much you are willing to spend.

Laser Resurfacing

The basic premise behind this technique is to remove the damaged outer layer to expose a fresh layer of skin that has not been damaged. It works much like any other laser treatment – a laser beam is intensely directed towards the affected at specific pulses and with measured intensity so that the damaged outer skin cells are eventually weakened and fall off.

Laser resurfacing has proved to be very effective as an acne scars treatment – it gets rid of both the scar and the discoloration. And it has other advantages too – since you are getting rid of old skin, you will generally end up with a much younger looking skin so that you will have an improved once you heal. It can have side effects though, and that’s why you must make sure that you have it done by a renowned professional who has a history of making a success of the procedure.


This method to banish acne scars has existed for years. It works also for those who want to look younger. The process basically re-finishes the top later of the skin through a kind of scraping. The cosmetic surgeon will freeze the face and then scrape away the uneven areas so that the skin surface becomes smooth. It’s painless during the procedure, but you have to allow yourself time to heal after that though.

The result will be much similar to laser resurfacing, but this method has somehow fallen out of use as the use of laser has become more and more common. It can be extremely effective though in cases where there are deep scars especially from accidents – laser tends to deal a bit more with the surface but with dermabrasion, you can go a little deeper. If you want to use it as a method to get rid of acne scars, make sure that you talk to your doctor in advance – you need to know what to expect during and after the procedure.

Chemical Peels

This one was common a few years ago right before laser treatment was developed. For getting rid of acne scars, it’s an option, but it needs to be carefully considered before it’s used because it involves the use of acids upon the skin to remove the outer damaged layer. Remember that the acne has already damaged your skin, and you need to carefully consider what the consequences could be. The best thing to do would be to get a reputable cosmetic surgeon who can tell you al the facts. It works best where the skin did not have damage that had reached the dermis – like discoloration, or even just to get rid of wrinkles. Minor scarring can also be treated with a chemical peel. There are some peels that come recommended as DIY’s. You need to be very careful before you even consider them. Anything that is going to take off the top layer of your skin should be done by a qualified professional in the proper environment.


This is a mild form of all the above. It is more of a cosmetic procedure that you can get in spas and beauty salons than really at a doctor’s clinic. It aims only to remove the top layer of the skin, but in a very mild manner – you can call it a serious exfoliation. It would work for acne scarring if the scarring is very mild and a few sessions would get rid of the scars. You use very fine particles to run over the skin so that you can remove the dead top layer. If you have had it done to you once or twice, you can do it yourself at home – its mild and there are really no harmful chemicals involved. If you suffer from acne scarring, consider this as a very mild form of treating the problem – you may need something stronger.

It’s normal to want to get rid of acne scars. All you need to do is evaluate your options – of all the procedures, which is the safest and which one will do the job for you? Once you make the decision, go to a reputable cosmetic surgeon, someone who is known to do a good job. Remember, it’s your face so you can’t afford to take chances.