Tretinoin for getting rid of acne scars

Tretinoin for getting rid of acne scars

tretinoin for acne

Tretinoin for acne

Getting acne does not mean you will be scarred for life as a lot of acne heals and disappears by themselves over time. The most you can expect is hyper pigmentation of the skin which fades sooner or later.

When the acne on your skin becomes infected, it penetrates deeper inside the skin ‘s layers and damages the collagen in the dermal layer.

The skin’s tissue gets even further damaged by inflammation increases, and as your skin scrambles to heal the inflammation and repair the damage, scars occur from the healing process.

The severity of the scars is determined in part by the severity of the acne inflammation and by your skins ability to heal. Luckily you will be able to find an acne scars treatment below to help you getting rid of acne.

What is Tretinoin?

Tretinoin is also known as Retin-A; a retinoid and the acid form of vitamin A. Aside from acne, tretinoin is also used for treating other skin damages done by the sun or from aging. It is used topically and can be purchased in gel or cream form.

Using Tretinoin for acne – start with a small amount

You need to use this medicine under medical supervision. As everyone’s skin is different, your reaction to it will also vary. It is best to start off with a small dosage and gradually increase it over time to give your skin a chance to get used to it.

The best time to use this treatment is in the evenings just before going to bed. As some people have experienced redness and itching when they first apply it, it is a case of looking worse before looking better.

Don’t expect overnight miracles

This does not mean however that tretinoin will work overnight and you will wake up with fresh unblemished skin, it can take anything up to 12 weeks before visible results are seen, so you need to be patient and persistent.

Make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed by a recommended product from your doctor, and that you apply the right moisturizer to protect your skin.

Tretinoin can be very drying

It has quite a dramatic drying effect on some skin so it is best to moisturize properly to avoid too much “dry skin flaking” syndromes.

Then apply the medication as indicated. During the day, be aware that using this medicine will make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays, so you may need to wear a sunblock or a big hat or both.

How does Tretinoin for acne work?

It works as a natural exfoliant to banish acne scars as well as promoting collagen production, essential to keeping your skin healthy. It also combats bacteria and promotes new cell generation.

This treatment for acne scars works by gently removing the top layer of your skin so that mild scarring will gradually lessen and disappear, allowing newer skin cell to replace the damaged tissue.

As it concentrates on killing bacteria, you may experience skin irritation, redness, itching and a burning sensation. This is also why a gradual increase in the strength of the product is recommended.

This is a treatment that takes time to be effective. If you do not see results within a week or two don’t despair, keep at it and the desired results will happen. If you are at all unhappy or find that this treatment might not be for you, speak with your doctor or dermatologist.

Remember that this medicine for acne is not for everyone. Consult your doctor about how to get rid of acne scars before using this treatment and follow your doctor’s instructions for the best results.