Acne treatments

Acne treatments

Are you as many others looking for ways to get rid of acne? The best method to clear your skin is usually a combination of things. This means that treatment alone will be far less effective than if combined with other preventing measures. Eating healthy, sleeping enough, and proper vitamin intake will all apply toward better skin.

While there are ways to treat it with home remedies, severe cases should absolutely be directed to a doctor. There is no sense putting yourself through the emotional ringer any more than necessary. If your pimples are consistent and covering a large portion of your skin, involving a professional will lead you the the strongest, most fast-working and best acne treatments. A dermatologist can explain you how to get rid of spots.

The types of medications prescribed by a doctor will vary depending on your skin type, medical history, and severity of the problem. Our dermatologists only want to give you acne treatments that work. There are prescriptions that can be applied topically, as well as oral solutions that enter through the bloodstream. Sometimes hormonal issues wreak havoc on the skin, therefore birth control is often prescribed to help level things out. Estrogen and progesterone can offer improvements to skin battered by unfortunate hormonal flare-up.

Treatment for Mild Acne

In this case, the treatment procedure will usual involve the following:

  • Mild topical creams: The topical agents will generally have to be applied after washing the affected area with gentle cleansers and solutions. It is best to avoid harsh soaps, as these will only further irritate the skin and aggravate the condition. The entire area will need to be coated with the antiseptic cream, rather than concentrate on only the acne spots. This will ensure that no new acne spot erupts.
  • Mild exfoliating cleansers: these can later be used to remove the dried-up comedones and to unplug the deep cavities caused by acne.

The topical agents work by removing excess sebum, and so if excessive skin dryness is noted, then an oil-free moisturizing lotion may be applied to combat the dryness.

For acne treatments for mild cases, the use of topical agents that aim at reducing its causative factors will suffice in bringing about the desired results. Applying topical creams made of ingredients that will reduce sebum production, and decrease inflammation will eventually result in the decrease of breakouts.  Substances that have an exfoliating effect, helping the skin in getting rid of dead skin cells; an astringent effect, aiding in constricting large skin pores; and a deep cleansing effect, to flush out debris from skin pores will help in better management.

Hence, over-the counter products will work effectively in treating mild acne. Especially products containing ingredients that will cleanse skin, tighten skin pores, and reduce sebum production.  So, products containing ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, azelaic or salicylic acids will work best towards clearing out mild acne problems.

Treatment for Moderate Acne

Treating moderately severe forms will generally involve combination treatment, where topical agents along with acne medication and oral antibiotics will be prescribed. 

Treatment for any type will first involve the use of topical agents, such as those mentioned above, to eliminate some of its causative factors.  In the case of moderately severe acne cases though, topical and oral antibiotic use too will be required to ward off bacteria that causes the infection, which usually results in papule and pustule formations as well.

Drugs called erythromycin or tetracycline tables are generally prescribed while seeking treatment for moderately severe acne conditions. These systemic antibiotic is the most popular method used. Antibiotics help to rid you of the inflammation and they are very effective to help against P acnes.

If pimples are found to be occurring due to hormonal imbalances, then hormone or birth control tablets will be prescribed. This holds true especially for women sufferers who also suffer from other conditions associated with hormonal imbalances.

Treatment for Severe Acne

A severe treatment will require stringent measures like good hygiene – avoiding touching and picking at the comedones, washing the area regularly, and regular application of topical healing agents.

In conjunction with the above, acne cystic treatments oral medications usually at a high dose will have to be administered to get a better control over this problem. Isotretinoin is considered to be most useful acne antibiotic for severe forms and other acne that does not reply to common antibiotic.

Isotretinoin is known as a systemic retinoid that is used in the curing program for severe cases. Usually a person may have up to about 70% of sebum excretion. This anti-inflammatory will even reduce the presence of P acnes. This type of drug therapy to help cure acne should be administered by a physician and closely monitored. This medication requires a prescription in order to get it.

People who have acne also suffer from depression. When you have pimples during your adolescent development, it hinders your social life. This may make you feel anger, even to the point of hostility. You are known to have mood changes and depression. The treatment with medication can help you to overcome some of those problems. Your physician will look at your situation and can give you help to overcome many of your problems. When you are taking the drug Isotretinoin and feel suicidal thoughts, you should immediately let your doctor know. This drug heightens the feelings of depression and suicidal tendency in some people. There is a mandated registry now in place to keep track of those who are using Isotretinion to help gets rid of this skin condition.

Also, laser therapy may be followed, which will successfully destroy the sebaceous glands which are usually what causes the problem in the first place.

Acne is not considered to be a harmful skin problem and can actually be left alone if the individual does not seem to be affected by them. The best acne treatments become necessary only for severe cases. Hopefully this article helped you to figure out how to get rid of acne.