Accutane results

Accutane results

Accutane results

The results of Accutane appear just a few days after the therapy has begun. With regard to the influence of this medicine on the human body, these consequences can be seen as skin-cleansing and side effects of the treatment, which are explained in the following text. The patients are always asking: how long till results are noticeable? Well, it’s really difficult to predict because it depends on the individual, and unfortunately, you need to suffer through the negative effects of a treatment to see the real, long-term improvement. Based on the average statistics, be prepared to be patient for at least a couple of months up to half a year. I’ll try to present the main effects of this acne treatment intake from a personal case and highlight the most important facts in the next paragraphs.

Remember, there are no quick results with this drug. It is a prescription acne medication taken through the mouth in the form of pills. The skin most significantly feel the difference since medicine is being closely related to it. First you will experience skin dryness and chapped lips. In addition, expect mild headaches or back pain. The dry skin peels off which results in acne and face redness more intense than before. This all contributes to the skin damage so it looks like your skin is aging and it’s therefore necessary to protect it as well as possible. Moisturizer with UV protection, balms, shampoos for sensitive skin are the must-have cosmetics. The area around the eyes or forehead could be puckered and neck rash occurs frequently. With all that you may be prepared for acne breakouts.

However, all the disadvantages of Accutane are nothing compared to permanent scars left by zits. Also, side effects aren’t long term and disappear a few weeks after discontinuation of pills, depending on the overall duration of prior therapy. There’s a big difference before and after the Accutane treatment, and during the therapy: the most patients actually feel the worst then. Do not expect clean skin immediately when you buy acne medicine or for at least a month for the results to show. Even then, there are times when the skin may be calm, and later inflammation flares up again. Blocked sebaceous glandsthat produce natural skin protective oils called sebum is what really causes acne. The probability of skin irritation, dryness and peeling increases in addition to itchiness so the new face acne appear to be worse, because of Accutane results primary. The counter-effect does not last for a long time but it was important to mention that medicine can cause acne or pimples.

The full effect of this medicine is visible one month after the last dose was taken. The skin gets back to its natural complexion, tone and color as the pimples and itching are completely gone. Zits on back will vanish first and their number will slowly decrease until the end of the skin healing process. Moderate exposure to the sunlight will naturally even out the color and completely remove traces of body acne. Since this treatment is a derivative of vitamin A, excessive sunbathing will cause intense darkening of the skin as it is sensitive during the treatment phase. The good thing would be to apply a face cream with high protection against UV rays and wear a hat to protect the skin that peels from the ears easily. Shampoos recommended by the dermatologists are required to use daily while on Accutane. It’s suggested not to bathe for a long time under the hot water as this only worsens the acne condition.

Side effects

Body dryness

As expected side effects in the initial week you may experience chapped lips and back pains. It depends mostly on the individual and his or her body’s reaction to Accutane. Someone won’t go through at all, while to me it was the first visible influence of Accutane on my body. Lips start to swallow in most cases. Immediately use lipstick because swelling is followed by drying and cracking of the lips. There’s a possibility of losing the difference between the skin around the mouth and lip line. Thus, sensitive lips are prone to infections or herpes appears if you already had it. The wounds around the mouth do not heal easily. Keep your lip balm always at hand to avoid embarrassment and don’t be afraid to use it in greater quantity.

Dry eyes and nose

Dry eyes occur in half the patients who took Accutane. A lack of tears that keep the eyes moist create a feeling of discomfort while the shutters are closed and blur the sight. If you wear contact lenses, you should use artificial tears eye drops or glasses instead. Impaired night vision is possible so be careful if you operate devices or drive during the night time. Bleeding from the nose is the cause of dry nostrilscaused by standard Accutane result in the foreground. Dryness and cracking of the nasal mucosa may be prevented by applying a nasal lubricants frequently.

Body pains

If you are doing physical work or exercise in the gym, Accutane results could disrupt your schedule. Muscle aches without any serious cause or increased muscle pain after physical exertion are a cause of treatment and happen unexpectedly. To reduce or completely pause the activities is sometimes impossible because of the work so it’s best to consult a doctor. A dermatologist will then reduce the dose or pause the Accutane course for some time. Another related side effect is joint pain. Since the organism produces less fat, the joints are less lubricated and there’s a dull pain in the shoulder when carrying a heavy weight. Pain in the hips and knees is common if you use to run. Weight loss or weight gain associated with Accutane in few cases.


Frequent headaches are a sign from the body that adaptation to the drug requires a lower dosage. Headache are characteristics of the start of treatment or for prolonged exposure to the medicine. If you cannot handle it and yet you want to heal acne, stop taking pills; constant mild headaches will result in even worse. Doctor can cancel taking Accutane and repeat it with a reduced dose when you become better. A constant feeling of tiredness and dizziness often occur from day to day.


Depression and suicides linked to Accutane have always been a question of cost-effectiveness and the real impact of these acne medication pills. New studies have shown that Accutane does not directly cause severe depression but this is the result of a fear of failure, since Accutane therapy takes time to work, and the body acne.

Organ damages

Because Accutane has a strong influence on the organism, the most sensitive organ next to skin is the liver. Increased liver enzymes and cholesterol could interrupt healing so it is necessary to follow the blood panel once a month. Pain in stomku is related to Accutane as well as problems with kidneys or bowel disease and lupus. Stomach pains are associated with Accutane, as well as problems with kidneys or bowel disease and lupus.


Side effects are the bad part of Accutane results. They can easily distract you from continuing the healing process at any time if they become unbearable. Liver damage and symptoms of rare diseases that occur in one in a thousand cases of Accutane use result in a complete interruption of therapy. The headaches, nausea and chronic dryness of the skin healing cause a temporary interruption of the Accutane intake so continuing is possible with a different dose. Elimination half-life of isotretinoin is less than a day and side effects disappear within a weeks or even days. Those who are considered “long term” effects are gone in a month or two. Even the hair thinning is not a long term side effect because the hair grows normally after a few weeks.

While on Accutane

Skin care

The skin will dry out and stop waxing at the very beginning. Apply a cosmetics for blemish-prone skin from day one. Use a special soap recommended by dermatologists and moisturizer after every shower or face wash. Hot water dries additionally, leading to flaking, scaling and redness, so it’s good to use tepid water and do not wash the skin for too long. Your oily skin should now have a completely different treatment on Accutane and do not forget this fact! It’s normal to occasionally get an acne breakout. Do not treat it with skin care products which were prescribed before Accutane. Face cream with zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to calm itching.

Alcohol drinking

Drinking alcohol while on Accutane is dangerous and can have serious consequences. Alcohol over-burdens the liver and enzyme level rises. Overtaking the limits means damage to the organ so taking Accutane must be discontinued. Do not be afraid if you drink a glass here and there, but excessive consumption leads to the risk of canceling the healing of skin from acne.

Special warnings

If you used to work out, try to reduce the exercise because of pain in muscles. Warning: women should not take Accutane before or especially during pregnancy because vitamin A in such extreme doses harms an unborn baby by causing possible birth defect. Studies have shown that ingredients of Accutane have no influence to the descendants of the men who took Accutane. Do not fall into depression by expecting instant Accutane results- be patient and wait several months for a full cleansing effect visible only when the drug treatment is completed.

Positive Accutane results

The first Accutane results are visible after one week. Most commonly it happens two weeks after intake of the drug has ceased because the skin isn’t greasy anymore and even small, so-called whiteheads undoubtedly start to disappear. You can still expect breakouts of painful, subcutaneous zits until you stop taking the pills. Acne on back will vanish during the second or third month, but the blemishes will remain you expose skin to the sun. The skin will quickly achieve an outstanding results with Accutane (literally in a day or two). Pimples on the shoulders usually follow the progress of the those on the back. The face is a completely different story because with more acne, there’s facial redness and rash which ruins the impression. Desired results appear when isotretinon is gone from the body. The skin has normal color, moisture and natural glow since the inflammation goes away. As the time goes by, Accutane results will be visible on the entire body and especially on the face. For someone that’s 2 or 3 months, while others will have to patiently wait for half a year.

Do not despair if you think Accutane is not working because it is necessary to be very patient. The appearance of the skin before and after Accutane is just incomparable. In general, the results depend on the condition of the skin condition, dosage and individual response. It is normal that a lower dose produces less effect, but this does not mean you will have Accutane failure. Some acne patients experience an improvement in the very beginning and such condition is held until the termination of therapy, and at the end, the skin dramatically improves. Some people think that Accutane is not effective, until the crucial day when the cleaning of at least three fourths of body acne happens suddenly. In short, the best Accutane results are obvious within 2 to 5 weeks since intake has been completed. The question how long the therapy will last is all the decision of the dermatologist.

More about Accutane

Accutane generally

Accutane is a famous medication for severe acne treatment based on isotretinoin or vitamin A. Consequences of skin acne may be permanent so this drug is the right choice for pimples prevention and avoiding acne scars when looking long term. Months, or even years after the acne skin treatment you will see beneficial results. How it actually works is described in the text above.

Accutane recall

Accutane was off the market since it’s dangerous effect may cause birth defects. The manufacturer had to legally protect the company because lawsuits have brought a lot of money to victims. The news have consistently reported about Accutane recall. The negative facts about the pills related to the side effects undermined the reputation of the drug. Dilemma is Accutane worth it isn’t solved jet. Brain damages and problems with the liver caused by improper dosage are still questionable. However, the availability of generic drugs through an online order, without prescription, draw new dangers. The origin and composition of Accutane bought on Internet are not known…

Alternative to Accutane

There’s always an alternative by using acne antibiotics, anti-acne gels or less risky remedies for treating mild acne instead of Accutane. Judgments about such products are usually skeptical because it is considered that slight preparations for skin cannot help to get rid of acne. On the other side, effectiveness is an exchange for health and risk of overdose (effects of too high dose precisely), but there’s still no guarantee of immediate progress. Is Accutane good or bad, is it better to say yesor no to such powerful drug, how long will it take to see the results of this medicine is just some of the frequently asked questions. Don’t quickly conclude that Accutane is not working, wait for some time- Accutane result may not be visible even after one month.

Final words

Approximately it takes three months to feel it on your skin, depending on age, dosage, and drug intake history. The process will surely be slower if you are on a low dose but timeline is almost identical for every Accutane patient. Maybe the best way to find out more informations about progress is to read and compare experiences or journals of people similar to you, regard to dose, age and sex. Reviews from various message boards provide a tremendous amount of tips and stories, you can also find out the price and recommendations related to this treatment.