Acne vulgaris treatment

Acne vulgaris treatment

acne vulgaris treatment

Acne vulgaris topical treatments

When you need to use topical retinoid, they are a comedolytic and anti-inflammatory. The topical treatments help to normalize the inflammatory lesions. In some cases, using them alone is all that is necessary. Topical treatments for this skin condition is:

  • A topical retinoid called adapalene
  • A topical a retinoid called Tazarotene
  • A Topical a retinoid called Tretinoin

When you use these retinoid once daily in order to clean your dry skin and your skin becomes irritated then perhaps you might have to use the retinoid less frequently. You may want to use milder cleansers and a noncomedogenic moisturizer in order to help reduce any irritation. You need to use sunscreens to protect your skin. A topical antibiotic will probably be needed as well.

Acne vulgaris systemic treatments

When it comes to the treating this form, systemic antibiotic is the most popular method used. The systemic antibiotics help to rid you of the inflammation and they are very effective to help against P acnes. The treatment consists of using the tetracycline group of antibiotics. It is possible to use other forms of antibiotics along with topical crèmes in order to get rid of your pimples. It can be treated with a Spironolactone because it will bind the androgen receptor and work to reduce the androgen production. You do need to be careful when you use the treatment of Spironolactone because there are some side effects like dizziness, tenderness of the breast area and possible dysmenorrhea. You must not be pregnant if you are going to take this type of drug.

When you have very severe acne then the right treatment would be Isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is known as a systemic retinoid that is used in the Acne Vulgaris curing program for severe cases. Usually a person may have up to about 70% of sebum excretion. This anti-inflammatory will even reduce the presence of P acnes. This type of drug therapy helps cures imples and should be administered by a physician and closely monitored. This medication requires a prescription in order to get it. People who have this skin condition also suffer from depression. When you have it during your adolescent development, it hinders your social life. This may make you feel anger, even to the point of hostility.

Acne is a serious problem that many people face when they are in their adolescent years until they become older. If not treated it can damage the skin and leave scars on the face, arms, and other parts of the body. The treatment of it is vital for the personal health, mental health, and the health of your skin. You can elect to use antibiotics along with crèmes and ointments that are geared to help you during those trying times but you should consider using natural health products as well. The use of antibiotics is very important but you need to consider the dangers that you have when you are taking some antibiotics. When it comes to using natural health aids, there is less danger and you may find that you get better results.