Benzoyl peroxide body wash

Benzoyl peroxide body wash

What is benzoyl peroxide body wash?

When searching for the best over-the-counter acne treatment product, no doubt you have come across several brand names, and off-brand treatments containing the ingredient benzoyl peroxide. It sounds similar to the product that is sold in large bottles for a measly 99 cents, hydrogen peroxide. While both peroxides are found in the organic peroxide family, there is a difference, based on a combining of two compounds. For the sake of easy understanding, benzoyl peroxide cleanser could easily be the cousin of hydrogen peroxide.

All about benzoyl peroxide body wash

What exactly is this kind of body wash? Benzoyl sounds enough like oil that it turns some people off. There is no relation, and in fact the two would clash heavily upon contact. If you’re thinking ahead, you can probably already figure how this body wash can help with excess skin oils.

Benzoyl peroxide was actually the first peroxide compound developed through intentional synthesis. Most commonly, benzoyl peroxide is prepared by treating benzoyl chloride with hydrogen peroxide. Ultimately, it has many uses. Most commonly it is used as an effective acne treatment, but it is also used regularly to improve the quality of flour as well as for bleaching hair and teeth—it has many other less common uses.

Benzoyl peroxide body wash and the treatment of acne

When shopping for this body wash, there are a few things to keep in mind. Due to its nature and variety of uses, this product comes in different concentrations. While higher concentrations such as 5 percent and 10 percent offer additional strength, they are also quite harsh on the skin. A product offering 2.5 percent is more than adequate when used properly as an acne treatment.

A benzoyl peroxide body wash will work in multiple ways in the fight against acne. For starters, it creates an oxygenated environment for the skin. Bacteria cannot thrive in such an environment, so the product will help to fight off one of the causes of acne inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide is also a drying agent, which will help to absorb excess oil produced by the sebaceous gland. When combined with regular and gentle exfoliation, it can greatly reduce acne while preventing the development of additional breakouts.

One thing to be aware of when using a benzoyl peroxide body wash is the fact that it can dry out and irritate the skin. This could actually make acne worse. You’ll want to be particularly careful if using it around the eyes—it is too harsh for the thin skin making up the eyelid. To combat over-drying issues, it is best to use a product that possesses both this product and a moisturizer. An expensive generic brand product can also be used in conjunction with a good moisturizer.

Using benzoyl peroxide body wash to fight acne

You’ll want to be sure and use enough of this product in your acne treatment regimen. Oftentimes, individuals only use it for spot treatments, and while that can be helpful, it doesn’t offer the most effective use of a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. If used liberally across the face, allowed to dry, then followed with a moisturizer, the product will help to prevent acne, while offering more balance to the complexion by bleaching old scars or spots that have developed due to acne.