Buy benzoyl peroxide

Buy benzoyl peroxide

buy benzoyl peroxide

What is benzoyl peroxide?

Start searching on the web for information on treating pimples, and you’ll find website to buy benzoyl peroxide cropping up again and again. It is certainly one of the most popular active ingredients among over-the-counter treatment products.

Of note, the benefits only last as long as you keep using the this treatment. Benzoyl peroxide only targets the end symptoms of pimples and is certainly not a long-term solution. It can definitely be useful for helping clear up breakouts, but if you want to remain acne-free, there are often major dietary issues or an underlying health issue in effect.

How benzoyl peroxide treats acne?

There are certain types of bacteria that are responsible for the breakouts. These bacteria however cannot live in an environment that is full with oxygen. This medicine works by introducing oxygen into the pore and as a result this kills the causing bacteria. This means is that once the bacteria population is reduced, then the acne breakouts are reduced as well.

Another way in which buying benzoyl peroxide is effective in treating acne is that it is able to get rid of the excess dead skin cells that clog the follicles of the face. Once it is cleared, it will enable to reduce the chance of a breakout because the bacteria cannot thrive.

In treating acne, benzoyl peroxide use has to be continuous even after the acne clears up. The reason for this is that if the treatment stops, then the bacteria can build up and that increase the chance of the pimples returning.

Popular benzoyl peroxide products

Proactiv is certainly one of the most widely recognized treatments that uses benzoyl peroxide. Clearasil is another product that is known the world over. Other products containing the chemical vary per country but you can always ask your pharmacist for a generic over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide solution. They will usually have a variety of similar style 5-10% spot-treatment products, facial creams, scrubs, etc, and you will have an inexpensive introduction to the substance to see whether it is suitable for you.

Why doesn’t benzoyl peroxide work for me?

While the science behind this treatment of blemishes sounds great on paper, there is a wide variety of reasons why it may not work for you. These include:

  • Your acne was due in part to dry skin and this medicine has worsened the dryness
  • A large population of p. acnes has already established itself under the surface of your skin, so when the peroxide dries up the top layer and blocks the exit for sebum, cystic acne forms.
  • You have a higher than average susceptibility to infection
  • You have nutritional deficiencies that inhibit your body from fighting infection and creating new healthy skin cells
  • You have a toxic overload (e.g. acidosis) in your body, weakening your immune system and making you more susceptible to infection

As we mentioned earlier, this medicine is not a long-term treatment for pimples – as soon as you stop using it, the pimples will come back. Additionally, it is not suitable for all sufferers. If you have severe acne it is important that you start an online consult with a dermatologist. Severe acne can indicate the possibility of infection in your pores that needs to be treated. Our healthcare professionals can help you get a more adequate acne treatment.