Back acne

Back acne

back acne

Pimples may appear on any part of the body, including cystic acne on the back. A skin ailment may manifest into back acne. Heat rashes, also known as skin irritation are the most common back acne causes. Exposure to the sun for a long duration often causes heat rashes which are characterized by clusters of small pimples. Read through to know more about this form.

Causes of back acne

You should know that what causes back acne is not the same as the cause of pimples in the face or any other parts of the body. This form occurs as blackheads, white heads and pimples. But people also suffer because of breakouts in the scalp, shoulders, underarms, chest and back. The most common type amongst them is the back acne which is also commonly called as the backne. It is essential that you understand the causes of this form to treat them efficiently.

Hormonal changes

You need to understand, that not only back acne but also any form of skin diseases are caused because of the hormonal changes happening within the body parts of both the genders. Hormones are responsible factor for the secretion of oils from various glands present in the skin tissues. Large numbers of hormonal glands are present in the face and that is the main reason why the face is affected with more pimples. But men and women also have large amount of oil glands secretion in the back as well. Hormonal imbalance allows the glands to secrete more oil which results as the major cause of these pimples. Over active hormones are always considered as the problem creator.


Acne on the back in men is primarily caused by bacteria. Bacteria in the skin may trigger rashes, redness and inflammation of the skin. Enzymes which bacteria release may change the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to an irritating substance and lead to the formation of zits.

Personal hygiene

You need to have the basic knowledge about pimples in order to understand the importance of personal hygiene. Do you know that pimples are actually follicles and clogged pores? The pores of the skin and the follicles can become clogged because of the accumulation of dirt, soaps, lotions, also dead skin cells and its remnants. If the person does not wash and clean his or her back properly with a back brush then it results in the contaminants being clogged. These dirty contaminants, when not removed from the follicles and pores become the basic cause of back acne.

Friction caused by tight clothing and increased hair

Tight clothing and long hair growth can also be a cause. These kinds of clothing results in frictions which cause irritation to the clogged pores or the follicles. Frictions push and grind the harmful contaminants in to the pores. And in severe conditions the friction tears and forms tiny lesions in the skin which turns red filled with white pus. Thus back acne is actually infected cuts in the skin tissues which look like acne in appearance and size. Men and women usually have huge amount of hair follicles at the back which creates more clogged follicles that lead to pimples.


Any forms of physical workouts or exercise programs are the causes. Exercises increase the amount of oil secretion and perspiration all over the body parts especially at the back areas. When these clogged pores and hair follicles are not washed and scrubbed properly then it results in the formation of this form of pimples.

Therefore it is essential that you wipe and keep your body parts especially the back clean to prevent these causes of back acne.

How does acne on the back form?

This type basically forms in the same manner as acne on the face. Sebaceous glands and hair follicles can be found on the back as well. When they are affected by hormonal factors and irritation, blackheads and pimples form quickly. They usually take a mild form, but more severe forms are also possible and should be treated at a dermatologist’s.

Back acne can be divided into:

  • common acne – caused by hormones
  • mechanical acne – caused by irritation, for example tight clothes, backpack, etc.
  • cosmetic – caused by using unsuitable cosmetics.

Back acne treatment

When you suffer from this form of pimples, you will have to use stronger medication to get rid of back acne than the ones you use on your face as the skin of your back is a lot thicker. Many people are disturbed by the pimples and would do anything to get the acne medication to treat their acne, especially if you still have this skin condition as an adult, this certainly is something shameful. Basically, pimples are formed from dead cells and the amount of oil trapped bacteria on the skin pores. Many dermatologists who perform various experiments to find the best medication required for each type of skin. Because after all, acne medication is right for back acne treatment for people with severe forms.

There are effective treatments available for those that suffer from back acne problems, and we’ll first look at some of the over the counter remedies available. Over the counter remedies can help control small to medium outbursts. If you are having a serious outburst, it may be best to see your doctor or dermatologist straight away. Click here to start an online consultation with a dermatologist.

The products available over the counter contain a range of chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, sulphur, and a variety of acids and resorcinol. The remedy will help to break up the acne, and slowly return the skin to its former state. There can be side effects to these treatments, so always ensure that you read the instructions and follow the guide that comes with the treatment.

You will usually use the product for a matter of weeks, to ensure getting rid of back acne. During this period of time, it’s crucial that you take good care of your skin. Try and wash your skin at least once a day with a gentle cleaning product in the shower, and try to nurture your skin as much as possible. Always shower straight after exercises (sweat can irritate the skin and make back acne worse) and wash your hair at last once every two days. If you still aren’t seeing any results with over the counter medication, it’s time to see your GP. You will probably be prescribed prescription medication which should help to treat the pimples quickly.

Some of the prescription medication that you may be prescribed include: