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You’ve tried a number of over-the-counter products and they’ve had minimal effects at best. If your  problem has defiled all acne treatments we think it is time to seek the help of a dermatologist. This process is very effective in the treatment of malignant acne. You believe that you should consult a physician to see if there is a stronger treatment that may help clear your skin. Click here to start an online consult with a regulated and approved physician.

When visiting, you might want to buy Benzoyl Peroxide online, buy Retinol, or buy Accutane online all from the comfort of your own home. We offer prescription medication for the treatment of acne, all without the embarrassment of a doctor’s visit. Buying acne medications has never been easier.

It is always a good idea to consult a professional before beginning any treatment program. Though our website you can start an online consult with a doctor through an online questionnaire. It is extremely important to provide as much information as possible when filling out the online medical consultation. Without a complete background of your medical history as it relates to your condition your doctor will be unable to provide you with the best possible care. is dedicated to bringing you the best resources related to online pharmacy prescriptions and health information. We offer access to the most trusted medications through a secure and private online pharmacy. We are proud to be one of the United States’ and Europe’s most trusted online medical offices, providing online medical consultation and prescription processing through our online pharmacy to hundreds of consumers each week. Our team of healthcare professionals consists of licensed physicians and pharmacists who are committed to your satisfaction.

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Here is a list of the prescription acne treatment and medications that may work for you…

Differin or Adapalene: A topical medication that is utilized to help your skin renew itself.  Aside from insurance flipping the bill, Differin is quite affordable and does a good job.  It worked mildly for me. I ended up using it more for a spot treatment than rubbing it all over my face and it was very difficult using it on my back. It may make your skin dry and tends to be a longer-term treatment. Just depends on your skin type and acne severity.

Benzoyl Peroxide: This is the ingredient you may find in many over-the-counter products as well. The combination of this product with others is what tends to make it work. It works to fight the bacteria that may cause your breakouts.  Can dry your skin out, but does work. Also, a very affordable treatment.

Many young ladies get on birth-control pills which seem to not only prevent pregnancy, but also acne. However, after review, using birth control pills as a prescription treatment shouldn’t be the main focus of these drugs.

Accutane or Isoretinoin: A powerful prescription acne treatment, Accutane is typically only administered in severe cases and typically as a last resort.  It treats your acne from the inside out and is taken in pill form.  It works quite well, but not for everyone and brings with it some rather nasty side-effects in some cases.

Retin-A or TretinoinA vitamin-A derivative, this is another great prescription acne treatment that battles whiteheads and blackheads by producing new skin cells.  This treatment brings the pimples out, so be aware that your acne may get worse before it gets better. Can be drying, create very sensitive skin, and only tends to work in mild to moderate cases of acne. Very popular treatment by dermatologists and worked wonders for many acne sufferers I know.

This is just a start to prescription acne treatment medications. There are other oral and topical antibiotics that your specialist may recommend. You may also want to ask them about good soaps, nutrition, and other over-the-counter treatments to combine with any prescription (plus if it’s safe).

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