Foods that cause acne

Foods that cause acne

foods that cause acne

The foods that cause acne are not the same for individuals. Therefore, you have to be careful of foods that you consume. Diet and acne do not have a direct link, but it is important for you to have a healthy diet, so your performance and appearance will look good. If you consume the essential nutrients, it can be seen from your health. However, you have to be careful of some foods that can be the major cause of acne’s appearance. There are certain foods which can make you allergic. When experiencing food allergies, the reactions of toxic will ongoing. The reactions happen over the body and then, release lots of toxins. That condition can cause irritation to the skin and then, cause pimples. In this article, you are going to know kinds of foods you should avoid if you do not want pimples to appear on your face.

Types of foods that cause acne


The first food that you have to avoid are dairy foods which include milk. Pasteurized and homogenized milk is also highly mucous forming and coats your small intestine linings. This mucous inhibits absorption of nutrients through the walls of the small intestine. Dairy cows are also constantly fed with hormones and antibiotics to maximize their milk production. Those hormones and antibiotics enter your body along with the milk you drink.

The only remotely acne-friendly dairy food is yoghurt made of raw and non-pasteurized milk. Yoghurt, since it’s already partly fermented, is also much easier to digest than milk. As you can see diary foods can give a negative effect on your skin and milk can be one of the major causes of acne on your face. Milk consists of fat and hormones that can cause acne. However, this problem seems to occur for some people only.


The second food that can cause acne is red meat. This kind of food has been known as one of the major causes of acne. In red meat there are animal proteins which are not easily digested and this process can lead to pimples. Animal proteins come bundled with quite a few reasons to avoid them. First of all, they are highly acidifying. Acid environment actually encourages the growth of harmful, acne-causing bacteria and parasites. The body is designed to run slightly alkaline and excessive acidity will throw it off balance.

Secondly packed meat contains sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is used in cancer research. When researches want to inflict mouse with a cancer they inject sodium nitrite into the mouse. That same thing is in practically all the packed meats in the supermarkets. Meat also contains large amounts of sulphur. The sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) in the gut turn sulphur into hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, phenols and other chemicals that damage the gut lining and make it more ‘leaky’. Eat organic meat if you want to eat meat. That way you can at least avoid the hormones and antibiotics that come loaded with ‘normal’ meat.


The third food that can cause acne is eggs. If milk is one of the food allergens, so are eggs. The yolk is known as the cause of acne, but for those who love to eat eggs, do not worry about it. Still, you can eat the egg whites.

Processed foods

The fourth food that causes acne is processed foods. There are lots of preservatives and additives found in this kind of food and those things are not good for your skin at all. Besides, the preservatives and additives they also contain toxins that can lead to pimples.

Be careful with artificial sweeteners, because they can harm an acne prone skin. The harmful bacteria in your stomach thrive on sugar, which they convert into toxic waste. It’s not only the refined sugar that’s bad for you – it’s practically all sweeteners (including naturals like honey). Fruit juices are full of easily accessible sugar. Fruits are fine when eaten whole. The fiber in fruits prevents sugar to be released quickly. In fact fruits are one of the most detoxifying foods you can eat and therefore they are foods that are causing acne.


The fifth food that causes acne is grains. Grains are one of the ingredients to make bread, pasta, biscuits and others. Besides, grains can be also made into a form of sugar. If you consume it, you may get a negative effect for your skin. It is because grains contain bacteria and parasites, the cause of acne and skin rashes.

To add to the insult most of the bread and pasta are made of refined wheat flour. During refining wheat is stripped off any micronutrients and enzymes. Wheat is by far the biggest offender, but try to avoid other grains also – including rice (white and brown) as they are foods that are causing acne.

Safer alternative to rice and grains are starchy vegetables like potatoes.


The next of the foods that cause acne is caffeine. Caffeine can be found in chocolate, coffee, tea and other cola drinks. Try to avoid these foods if you do want pimples to appear on your face and body. It is because caffeine is able to increase the hormone production which can cause serious acne.

Most nuts have high fat and protein. Some of the proteins cannot be digested and your body thinks it is under attack. It produces antibodies, which get inflamed and produce extra amounts of sebum.

Those are the foods that cause acne. If you do not want acne appear on your face, then try to avoid those foods that are causing acne. There are many other types of foods that can also cause acne and this is not a complete list. Try to cut down on all types of junk food and fast food. If you choose natural snacks and meals, your body will thank you–not just because of your skin, but for overall health.

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