Isotretinoin for acne

Isotretinoin for acne

isotretinoin for acne

What is Isotretinoin?

This acne medication is the most popular and widespread medicine to treat severe acne in the world. The drug is so popular because it is a modern, very effective, and safe medicine. However, it may cause some serious side effects, that’s why it can be bought only by a prescription.

The effect of Isotretinoin for acne

Isotretinoin for acne is a unique substance, functioning inside the human body as a regulator of sebaceous glands activity. This medicine reduces the production of fat by sebaceous glands and eventually reduces their size. Besides that, it causes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. When a certain course dose of Isotretinoin is achieved, these changes may become permanent. Therefore, sebaceous glands may stay in smaller size and the patient can get rid of acne once and for all after he passed the treatment course with use of Isotretinoin (Accutane) for acne. This medicine is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, which reduces the number of Propionbacterium acnes (microorganism, using sebum as a source of power). The number of these bacteria stays low for long time after the treatment termination.

The therapy with Accutane is usually appointed by physician only and often on a long-term period (average treatment course is about 4-9 months). The dose of Accutane is adjusted personally for every patient, in correspondence to the body mass and acne form. Therefore, it is necessary to pass medical examination for several times during the treatment course with Accutane.

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Buy Isotretinoin for acne online

If your doctor prescribes you this medicine and informs you about all the precaution measures that you must follow, you can save your money when you buy Accutane online. It is very convenient, because you do not need to visit your doctor every time you need to buy Accutane (Isotretinoin) to prolong the treatment. Moreover, you can save even more money buying generic Isotretinoin for acne, which cannot be bought at a regular drug store, at online pharmacy. Generic Accutane is absolutely the same medicine, but simply manufactured and marketed by other pharmaceutical companies under various brand names, because they cannot use the brand name which is owned by Roche company. These medicines are cheaper because they are not that widely advertised.