Teenage acne and benzoyl peroxide

Teenage acne and benzoyl peroxide

benzoyl peroxide for teenage acne

Hormonal changes are the root causes of teenage acne. Eliminating acne, however, can take place on the skin’s surfaces rather than addressing the underlying hormonal reasons for pimples. There are many over-the-counter teenage acne products that can help you get rid of the pimples that you have and prevent outbreaks from developing in the future.

The Source of Teenage Acne

Medical Examiner Title of an ImageWhen teenagers enter puberty, their bodies start producing larger amounts of testosterone. Surges of testosterone allow the body to develop quickly. It’s one of the reasons that so many teenagers seem to grow a whole foot over the course of just one summer. Higher levels of testosterone, however, also trigger teenage acne by stimulating sebaceous glands that produce skin oil.

Your chance of developing acne increases dramatically when your glands produce more sebum. The excess oil mixes with dead skin cells, which clogs pores. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria in the pores. In a cruel twist of fate, the same bacteria that cause pimples also survive by consuming sebum. This makes your clogged pores the perfect environment for pimples to flourish.

Treating Teenage Acne with Benzoyl Peroxide

One of the most effective ways to treat teenage acne is to apply benzoyl peroxide to the skin. Benzoyl peroxide products eliminate acne by breaking up the oil and skin cell mixture that clogs pores. Once the oil is wiped away, the benzoyl peroxide penetrates the pore, where it kills bacteria on contact. As an additional benefit, benzoyl peroxide also boosts the presence of oxygen in the skin. Higher levels of oxygen make it more difficult for pimples to form in the future.

Choosing Benzoyl Peroxide Treatments for Teenage Acne

Benzoyl peroxide works well, so it has become a popular treatment for teenage acne. Not all products that contain benzoyl peroxide, however, work as well as others. When choosing a benzoyl peroxide teenage acne treatment, you want to pick a product that contains a low concentration of the active ingredient. Benzoyl peroxide can cause side effects such as dry skin or itchiness. Using a lower concentration, however, helps prevent these side effects. In general, you should start with products that contain a 2.5 percent concentration.

You should also look for teenage acne treatments that include oil-free moisturizers. Oil-free moisturizers prevent dryness without causing more pimples. Many teenagers with acne get good results from using low concentration benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with a nourishing moisturizer. Companies like Proactiv sell kits that include all of the products needed to treat teenage acne effectively without causing significant side effects.

Alternative Treatments for Teenage Acne

There are, of course, other treatment options for teenage acne. Most of them, however, are just old wives tales that can cause more harm than good. Take, for instance, the myth that getting more sun will cure teenage acne. In truth, the sun’s rays can damage the skin, especially if you do not wear a protective layer of sun block. The result is often a higher risk of skin cancer. Unfortunately, risking this medical concern doesn’t result in reduce teenage acne.