regular acne vs cystic acne

Difference between cystic and regular ance

Is it cystic acne or regular acne? When it comes to pimples, it is common to feel embarrassed and self-conscious about it. Not only does it create blemishes on the face, but it can affect anyone at any age, not just through the puberty years. If you are someone who[…]

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cystic acne

Cystic acne

In a nutshell, battling pimples is nothing short of frustrating. You’ve scrubbed, exfoliated and moisturized, but they just keep returning. Every now and then, you may even suffer from acne that is painful and buried deep beneath the skin in the form of nodules or cysts. This particular type is[…]

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What is acne? Acne is a common skin disorder that offers tremendous psychological distress. Sufferers of pimples and those who suffer from a condition that dermatologists call RETENTION KERATOSIS, have over active sebaceous glands which cause the skin to clog with dead cells on the surface and this in turn[…]

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