Tea tree oil for acne

Tea tree oil for acne

tea tree oil for acne

The origin of tea tree oil for acne

What is tea tree oil for acne? It is an essential oil for acne that is a natural extract of the narrow-leaved tea tree found in Australia. The scientific name for this plant is the melaleuca alternifolia. This essential oil for acne has natural anti-bacterial properties. Natives of Australiaused the tea tree extracts for treating coughs and colds. Another common use was to apply the leaves in a poultice to open wounds. Soaking the leaves in water makes an infusion used to treat sore throats and skin ailments of all sorts. The medicinal properties of this plant remained a secret to Western medicine until the early 20th century. That is when tea tree oil for acne became a popular treatment.

In the 20s and 30s, scientists began looking for plants that had antibacterial properties. One of the plants they looked at was the tea tree from Australia. They found that it had strong antimicrobial properties that were several time stronger than carbolic acid, a common antiseptic at the time. The antiseptic qualities of this plant gave it its popularity. Use of the plant took off through World War II. However, after the War ended, use of this essential oil for acne declined. Commercial treatments were more readily available. However, that did not stop some from using tea tree oil for acne.

Interest in the oil picked up again in the 1970’s as people began to look at natural remedies seriously again. In the next couple of decades, production picked up significantly and standardized extraction methods made the essential oil for acne quite popular again.

One of the biggest uses of this product is with various skin ailments. Tea tree oil for acne is just one of its uses. This oil seems to have many beneficial properties including antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal. When applied to pimples, it helps kill off bacteria and clear up the infection. It is also an effective treatment for scabies, fungal infections, mites, and head lice also.

Scientific studies seem to back up these claims quite well. Studies show that application of this oil at a 5% concentration is as effective as application of benzoyl peroxide of the same strength. While the natural product takes a bit longer to do the treatment, it prevents the skin irritation that many experience with the benzoyl peroxide.

People should only use this natural product topically. Taking it orally can be toxic and cause severe reactions. While no one is known to have died from ingesting it, it is best to use it on the skin only.

Is tea tree oil good for acne?

Tea tree oil is one of the most preferred treatments when it comes to pimples. Acne is an underlying problem which attacks each and every individual at a point in their lives. Curing pimples requires patience and good treatment/cure options which can be found mostly in natural extracts. This natural oil is of the many natural extracts which is used to treat a number of medical problems as also cases of acne and skin rashes. So, “does tea tree oil help acne” is not something that needs to be questioned as, studies have shown this essential oil for acne has far reaching effects when it comes to treating this medical condition.

When you ask the question, “Does tea tree oil help acne?” you basically are in doubt about the beneficial effects of this natural extract. This extract when used in combination with other oils for acne serves as one of the best treatments for this medical condition. It has been seen that pimples and rashes caused due to acne cause a lot of pain, irritation and itchiness to the skin of an individual. Though one can make use of chemical remedies it has been seen that natural remedies like this oil are much better.

Nature helps a lot when it comes to treating health related problems and one should make it a point to forgo chemical treatments and make use of pure oil extracts so as to get the best out of it. When it comes to pure tea tree oil extracts, you don’t need to repeat the question, “Does tea tree oil help acne? Pure forms of this oil extract are found to be more versatile in treating pimple related conditions. 5% diluted solution is preferably a good option to hold onto as it offers a simple and gentle approach to when it comes to application on skin to treat pimples and rashes.

Tea tree oil on acne

Tea tree oil for acne is a very relevant solution to cure your pimples as it can offer a host of benefits by curing blemishes. With a natural therapy, a user can easily ward off the bacteria that are responsible for causing pimples. This skin condition is caused by an excessive bacteria growth due to a high amount of sebum production. You can effectively use this essential oil for acne as an herbal antiseptic for curing your spots and patches.

When a user uses tea tree oil on acne with a balanced diet and vitamin supplements, then one can completely avail of the benefits in terms of the cleansing of skin. It is an organic product that can easily remove the blemishes from the skin. The use of it can significantly lead to an alteration in the inflamed lesions both open and closed pores. It is also a very mild potion which leaves fewer side effects as compared to other treatments.

Tea tree oil on acne it also effective because it can reduce dandruff which is a major cause of pimples. You can easily find a concentrated version on any online drug or cosmetics store and get rid of your patches. Never try to use an undiluted version of this essential oil of acne as it can cause skin itching, blistering and redness. Whenever a person is using benzoyl peroxide as a remedy, they tend to suffer from severe symptoms like stinging in the eyes and itching, but with the use of this natural oil there are no such side effects.

With inclusion of a magical antimicrobial ingredient called terpinen-4-ol, this product can easily kill all the bacteria that are responsible for the clogging of pores and formation of pimples. It is especially useful in killing the skin-residing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes whose proliferation is the root cause of pimples.

You can purchase an herbal formulation called witch hazel containing tea tree oil which can effectively be used for treating blemishes. There are also certain Benzoyl peroxide gels that contain certain amounts of tea tree oil excellent for curing your problems. They can reduce inflammations and also kill the harmful bacteria that reside on the skin which have caused the skin problem. You can also make 5% tea tree oil by mixing it with 95 parts of water and get an effective home made remedy.

How to use tea tree oil for acne?

These primarily based acne products work nicely in treating acne in each teenagers and adults. The oils all-natural antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics stop further outbreaks and work rapidly to dry up any current pimples. The remedies are easily accessible and are a all-natural alternative that is each secure and effective.

This treatment has been proven clinically to be as effective as medicated remedies containing acne medication. Treating acne can be difficult but using a all-natural treatment that contains tea tree oil has numerous advantages. Prescription acne treatment can be severe, drying out the skin excessively. Occasionally this leads to discomfort that leads to sensitive skin. This sensitivity can trigger further sebum production top to an increase in acne. Tea tree oil for acne products do not have this problem. It dries the local area of the pimple promoting healing and kills the bacteria leading to the pimples. The oil stops more acne from happening with its anti-bacterial qualities. The oil works to dry up the pimple with out leading to any extra drying of the entire area.

Now we will explain how to use tea tree oil for acne. The natural treatment might involve applying a extremely small amount of the concentrated essential oil straight on to the blemish. This will assist to dry out the pimple, stop further distribute of the acne and decrease the risk of scarring. Other remedies involve applying a few drops of the essential oil on to a hot damp fabric. This is utilized to wash the face so that the entire face is uncovered to a light dose of the cleanser.

If you are a male who suffers from pimples on the face, shaving can be made simpler with the use of this oil. Usually, shaving is a difficult job if you suffer from acne as the severe chemicals of shaving creams mixed with the abrasive nature of the razor can lead to further discomfort of currently sensitive skin. Making use of a small quantity of oil to the razor before shaving can reduce the razor burn up and assist to sooth the skin following a shave. Using the oil regularly can also decrease the distribute of further acne.

Adult acne affects nearly everyone at some stage of their grownup lifestyle and this kind of acne treatment can assist here as well. Although the trigger of grownup onset acne is usually various to teenage acne, the treatment regimen can be extremely comparable. For a all-natural approach for women, attempt applying some of the treatment below your make-up to assist cure the acne and stop the makeup from exacerbating the problem.

Tea tree oil for acne is a excellent solution for those who suffer from physique acne. Back acne can be an embarrassing problem particularly throughout the summer months. Back acne spreads effortlessly and is susceptible to scarring. Making use of a small amount of the concentrated essential oil on to the places can decrease the risk of scarring significantly. The antibacterial qualities of this natural product can assist to decrease the distribute of the bacteria.

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