Types of acne

Types of acne

There are many different ways to describe acne. It can be confusing  at times. The most unadorned description I can give is you either have acne or pimples or none at all. According to my own personal performance, acne is more severe and a pimple is mild. As unadorned as that.

Of course, there are some people who are interested to know the many different types of description given to acne, which can be rather caring if you need to handle the condition.

Let’s start with the unadorned form follow by the severe type.

Acne Vulgaris.

This type of pimples can range from mild to moderate and severe. It is the most common form of acne which can form blemishes if proper skin care is not implemented daily.


Whiteheads are formed when the sebum together with dead skin cells and dirt formed a plug which completely blocked the pores just beneath the skin.

They appear white.


Blackheads is the same as whiteheads except that the plug formed partially block the pores. The black appearance is due to the oxidation of the sebum, an oily substance produce by the sebaceous gland.

Both blackheads and whiteheads are non-inflammatory.


Papules are red, tender and inflamed. They are small with red bump occurring on the surface of the skin. Never attempt to squeeze of burst them as they may apply to the surrounding skin area and cause scarring.


This form of condition resemble whiteheads but with inflamed pores. It consist of a mixture of dead skin cells, white blood cells and bacteria. They appear red with a white or yellow center. Pustules are commonly referred to as Zits.


It is another name given to papules and pustules. Some people may also call blemishes as pimple. To me blemishes are just a cluster of the skin pigmentation after the onset of acne.


These are large, hard lump deep beneath the skin. It can be painful, inflamed and may last for months. They can be rather uncomfortable which at times may cause tissue destruction resulting in scarring, you should never at all circumstances squeeze them.  


Cyst resemble nodules except they are filled with pus. They are much larger, red and can be extremely painful. This is the severe form of acne, which can be resistant to all types of treatment. It will normally leave scar after the healing process. If this happens to you, you should seek professional advice, whereby, prescription drugs will be given to reduce the pain and inflammation.

There are 3 vital strategies to fight pimples, either home treatment, over the counter or prescription drugs.

1. Unclog pores

2. Kill bacteria

3. Reduce oil

Every method of acne treatments are based upon these three vital principles.

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